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Neuromuscular physical  therapy

Physical therapy and sports massage can relieve lower back pain. Bantry

Noreen provides Neuromuscular physical therapy in her Bantry clinic.  Neuromuscular physical therapy  is  a  science  based  holistic  therapy.   It  works  with  the  bodies  soft  tissues  to balance  them  and  release  tension.   It  aims  to  treat  the  root  of  the  problem  rather than  treating  where  it  hurts.  

 Neuromuscular therapy works in co-operation with the body. It communicates with the nervous system and relaxes tissues that need to relax and stimulates tissues that need to activate.  Brute force is not required to bring the body back into balance.

A  variety  of  techniques  are  used  such  as  myofascial release,  mobilization,  muscle  energy  technique,  triggerpoint  release,  positional release,  soft  tissue  release  and  massage.  She  incorporates these  techniques  in treatments  as  they  are  very  effective  and  give  good  relief  from  pain  and  noticeable freedom of movement.  Suitable for people suffering from strain from exercise or just the strains of everyday life.  Can be used before a problem presents. Remember prevention is better than cure. 

Clients are often surprised how much relief they feel after one session.

Benefits of Physical Therapy:
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Prevents injury
  • Improves posture
  • Relieves pain
  • Promotes healing, so speeds recovery from injury
  • Can help with chronic pain

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Neuromuscular therapy helps
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraine
  • Low back pain
  • Hip, knee, ankle pain
  • Plantar fascitis
  •  and much more

Sports  massage

Sports massage is the use of massage, the manipulation of the soft tissues,  as well as using neuromuscular and physical therapy techniques.
This  treatment  varies  depending  on  the  clients  needs.

Injury prevention:

Sports massage bantry, noreen mc grath
Sports massage used regularly can keep the muscles, joints and fascia(connective tissue) in optimal condition.  This type of sports massage can be quite deep if necessary and can prevent misalignments or wrong patterns are being held in the body.  When the body is in good  condition it is much less likely to have an injury.  Noreen works with many football teams in Bantry doing pre-event massage.  Sports massage in this form is very superficial and it's main aim is to warms up the muscles and joints and prevent fatigue.  Pre-event massage is like a warm-up before your warm-up,  it is especially useful for people who are tired and may have had lots of events close together.  The muscles are more flexible and less likely to tear or to strain ligaments after a sports massage.

Recovering from injury:

Sports massage greatly aids recovering  from  an  injury, wheter it be a sports injury or any other type of injury.  It reduces pain experienced, to this end I use herbal oils which not only heal but ease pain.  Sports massage also reduces the time of recovery allowing the client to return to training for their sport thus preventing loss of conditioning.  If a client has a very serious injury sports massage can help keep tone in the muscle while it's recovering.  Noreen has used physical therapy to really speed up the recovery of many patients who were recovering after broken bones.  The patients strength came back and the pain and suffering went away.

Noreen has used physcial therapy on a number of patients with ruptured discs.  Although it was a long recovery for these patients, they found great relief from the physical therapy, usually even after the first session.  As Noreen works only with the soft tissues and doesn't interfere with the spine, she manages to give the spine the space to heal.

Noreen also uses herbal medicine such as individual sports tonics to help athletes with their fitness.  Noreen also uses herbs both internally and externally to help with recovery from injury. Herbal medicine works well a strengthening bones and connective tissues, encouraging circulation to injured areas and removing wastes that build up around injuries.

Managing pain:
Physical therapy can help give ease to patients with chronic pain, whether it be due to illness or injury.  Noreen has worked with people with spinal injuries, chronic lung disorders, rheumatism to name a few.  While certain conditions cannot be 'cured' they can be managed.  Physical therapy can be soothing, can reduce pain by removing tension from the body and calming the nervous system.  Noreen believes  that when your body is full of suffering it is easy to disconnect from the body.  Physical therapy brings you back in touch with your body, to hopefully a more comfortable perspective.

Holistic  massage

Holistic massage  is  a  combination  of  various  movements  used  to  manipulate  tissues  for both  local  and  overall  effects  and  benefit.  It  has  many  benefits.
It  improves:
  •  Skin tone
  • Relieves  muscle  fatigue  and  soreness
  •  Increases  energy
  • Promotes detoxification
  • Deepens breathing and relaxes lungs
  • Improves lymphatic circulation and immunity
  • Relieves stress

Stress relief, Indian head massage, bantry

 Indian  head  massage

This  is  a  safe,  simple  yet  effective  therapy.   It  involves  massage  of  the  head,  face,  neck  and  upper  arms.   The  client  may  remain  fully  clothed  if  they  wish.  Indian  head  massage  combines  ancient  cultural  tradition  with  the  demands  of modern  living.   It  is  renowned  for  relieving  the  symptoms  of  stress.   It  removes tension  from  face  and  upper  body.  It  improves  mental  clarity  and  focus  and  relieves  eyestrain  and  headaches.  I find that clients deeply relax during this treatment, the stress just melts away.

What happens in a physical therapy treatment?

First  of  all  I  take  a  detailed  medical  history,  finding  out  about  illnesses,  injuries etc.  and  your  current  lifestyle.  This  will  assist  in  getting  a  full  picture  of  your current  wellbeing  and  how  best  to  approach  treatment.   Then  I  will  ask  you  your goals  for  the  treatment,  these  can  vary  from  maintaining  health  to  relieving  pain  to returning  a  stiff  neck  back  to  full  mobility.
If  necessary  I  will  perform  postural  analysis  and  muscle  testing.  This  will  all  assist me  in  giving  you  the  best  treatment  for  you.

Then  I  will  give  you  the  treatment  and  communicate  with  you  throughout  the treatment  and  work  on  a  pain  scale.   In  my  training  it  was  instilled  that  a  7  out of  10  pain  was  the  most  a  client  should  experience.  I  don't  believe  that  torturing  a  client  will  benefit  them.   It  will  result  in  them  tensing  up  there  bodies  and  only adding  to  their  problems.  I  always  make  sure  I  warm  up  the  tissues  well,  before stretching  them  or  doing  deep  work  as  this  prevents  damaging  muscle  tissue. When  I  am  finished  I  let  the  client  get  up  in  their  own  time.

Then  I  give  them  some  after  care  advice.   I  like  to  empower  my  clients  as  one hour  treatment  will  benefit  them  but  it  is  what  they  do  for  the  rest  of  the  week that  will  have  a  greater  affect.   I  give  them  simple  tips  such  as  self  massage  and stretches  that  can  help  ease  aches.   I show  them  relaxation  techniques  if  stress seems  to  be  a  problem.  I  may  give  some  simple  dietary  advice,   your  tissues muscular  or  otherwise  can't  be  healthy  if  your  eating rubbish.  You  wouldn't  put  low grade  dirty  fuel  into  your  car.  Then  if  necessary  I  will  make  a  new  appointment. 

Please  note  that  confidentiality  is  very  important  to  me.  I  treat  my  clients  with respect  at  all  times.

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