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  A trip to Noreen Mc Graths physical therapy, massage and herbal medicine clinic in Bantry, Co. Cork can be step on the road to health. Noreen focuses on facilitating and empowering clients towards health.  With Noreens wide knowledge and experience of physical therapy, massage, herbal medicine, nutrition, yoga and somatics she supports and educates her clients.

For an appointment or an inquiry please call 0861012100

Noreens goal  is  to  assist  her  clients  in  achieving  perfect  health.  She  is  trained  in  many disciplines  (listed below).  Noreen is very dedicated to upskilling  and attends many courses in Ireland and abroad every year.  Noreen as trained with many world leaders in anatomy and movement, health and herbal medicine.  Noreen draws  from  all  these  skills  to  tailor  each  treatment  to  suit  the  clients  needs.  Noreen  considers  herself to be  a  Holistic  therapist  as  Noreen treats  the  whole  person.  It  is  not satisfactory  to  just  relieve  a  symptom.   Noreen wants  to  help  each  client  experience  their full  health  potential.

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Yoga Classes

Yoga lotus pose Bantry         January 2018
Starting back 8th January
5weeks no drop in
Mondays        7pm  Vinyasa
                         8.15pm Somatics

Tuesdays     10am Gentle yoga

7.15pm Yin and Yang Yoga
8.30pm Yoga for Men

Minfulness Meditation
Wednesday 7.30pm
Thursdays 11.30am

To book your space please call me.
More info on yoga check out my yoga website.

physical therapy massageTherapies available:

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